We cannot take in birds at the store but will gladly direct you to a local licensed rehabber.

If you find a sick/injured Pelican, put it in a suitably-sized box and call International Bird Rescue at
310.514.2573 or 2574

For birds of prey (hawks, owls etc) contact California Wildlife Center (see below)

For songbirds (finches, sparrows, etc.), call the Songbird Care & Education Center at 714.964.0666

For water & shore birds (gulls, pelicans, ducks, etc), call International Bird Rescue at 310.514.2573 or 2574

For hummingbirds contact Los Angeles Hummingbird Rescue at 310.804.3715

For doves or pigeons contact Bruce (rehabber) at 310.218.6548. 

If you are in the Valley, or along the coast from Santa Monica west and north, or have a crow or raven,
contact California Wildlife Center at 818.222.2658

Full list of California Wildlife Rehab Organizations

What to do if you find a sick or injured bird:
Please follow the instructions below. We cannot take any birds in at the store.

  • Place the bird in a small box lined with paper towels.
  • Cover the box and place it where the bird will be warm, dark and quiet, like a closet.
  • If you have a heating pad, turn it on to low and set the box on top of it. Two other ways to provide warmth are to fill a ziploc bag with warm water (warm to the touch of your wrist) and place it in the box with the bird, or, fill a sock with salt, heat it in the microwave and place it in the box.
  • Do not feed or give water to the bird!
  • Call the appropriate organization and leave a brief message with your name, telephone number, the type of bird, if known, and the nature of the injury. Be brief. The organizations are staffed mostly by volunteers, so be patient until you are called. All calls are triaged, so it may take a while for them to get back to you. Please leave a donation to help cover the cost of treating the bird.