Welcome back.  It sure is nice to see so many of you in the store.  Thank you again for all your support--it is greatly appreciated.  Many new items have arrived or are on the way.



 Spring is here and so are our wonderful spring/summer birds. We just finished a great run with the Black-headed Grosbeaks.  Look for them to start coming back thru your yards in mid- late July--Mom, Dad and the youngsters!

Last year, the Hooded Orioles had an excellent breeding season locally.  Based on your reports to us in the store, they had a successful round-trip to the tropics and back, with reports of them everywhere.  You are also reporting Bullock's Orioles. Both are nesting locally.  We have also had a number of reports of successful use of nesting boxes by House Wrens.  One customer is even hand feeding meal worms to Ricky" the House wren in her yard.  The video is posted on our Facebook page.  Most of the warblers have moved on; however, we have three that breed here.  So keep your eyes pee;ed for Yellow and  Orange-crowned warblers, and the occasional Common Yellowthroat. are coming through also.   Here are some things to do to attract these birds to the yard.

Keep your oriole and hummingboird feeders fresh.  They need to be visible as the birds fly over, so keep them out in the open.  Put Bird Berry Jelly on the recesses in the oriole feeder or in orange cups.  They love it.

Put out live meal worms to try getting the warblers down to the feeder.  Sprinkle dried meal worms and some Birdacious Bark Butter Bits in too.  Migrating birds need lots of fat.

Grosbeaks like big seeds.  Get a 5# bag of Striped Sunflowers and put a handful at a time into a tray feeder or cup.  Keep this up from now through September to attract these birds to the feeders.

Try to have moving water in the yard.  If you do not have a fountain, try adding a bubbler to an existing bird bath.  We are carrying both solar powered bubblers and plug in units.  Moving water is one of the best ways to attract birds to the yard.



Crossley Cover

Finally, after a long wait, Richard Crossley's ID Guide to Western Birds has arrived.  Done in Crossley's unique style, it has almost 500 plates and covers at least that many species using 10,000 or so photos.  Richard's goal is to get all of us to go beyond seeing/naming the bird.  He wants us to learn about the bird, what it does, why it is and how does it do that.  The birds are all shown in the context of their typical habitat, in basic and breeding plumage, and juvenile and adult plumages.  A great addition to our libraries.  Available now in the store.  $45 plus tax.






We are slowly getting our non-hobby items restocked.  Recent arrivals include:

  • New Silver Forest earrings (remember that they have a loyalty program of buy 5, get a 6th pair free)
  • Many new patterns for Jabebo earrings (the ones made from the recycled cereal boxes)
  • Sol Mate socks - the colorful mismatched knit socks
  • Quilling Cards-30 new designs
  • Indoor/outdoor mats.  Special orders accepted
  • E.C.O. embroidered baseball caps-should be in by the end of the month
  • Bungalow 360 Happy Bags (the over the shoulder purses and clutches with the cute animals).


Here are the guidelines:

  • Maximum of 6 customers (individuals) in the store
  • If you are coughing, sneezing, have a fever (even mild) or otherwise don't feel well, please return when you are better.
  • Children and pets again welcome.  Children must wear a mask.
  • Customers must wear a mask over nose and mouth
  • Hand sanitizer is available for your use near the front door.  Sanitizer without fragrance is available at the front counter
  • If there are multiple customers in the store, 6-foot social distancing must be maintained
  • We are accepting cash and checks again!
  • Restroom not available
  • Customers may not enter the back room
  • Our normal return policy is in effect  (product in new, unused, unopened condtion).  Store credit, gift card or credit card refund will be given.  No cash refunds
  • We are repairing feeders where we have the parts.  

Our hours for curbside pickup, in-store order pickup and in-store shopping are posted on the front door.

Stay safe and stay well.



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