Join Project FeederWatch
Have fun and help the birds - and submit your photos to BirdSpotter!

Project FeederWatch (PFW) is a continent-wide winter survey of birds across the US and Canada. It is a joint effort of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Birds Canada. Most of the data comes from folks with feeders in their backyards and/or landscaping that is attractive to birds. This winter’s count (2022-2023) is the 35th Anniversary of the project.

FeederWatch runs from November through April each year. It requires a few minutes each weekend (or on selected days of your choosing) for the counts. This year’s event starts on the weekend of November 1st. It’s a fun family activity, especially on cold, rainy winter days. Kids learn how to observe and to record what they are seeing. They get to identify what’s showing up, and occasionally may spot an unusual bird in the yard. All the data you collect gets recorded on-line, making you part of the citizen science community.  There's even an app for the project!

You can register through the Project FeederWatch website (feederwatch.orgwhere you find out more about the history, previous results, how to participate and much more.  If you register, bring your registration materials to the store and we will give you 5 pounds of NoMess blend (either one), good thru 12/31/2022, to get you started on your FeederWatch journey!  In addition, your Participant Kit from Cornell's PFW team will include a postcard good for $10 off any $60 or more purchase at Wild Birds Unlimited, good through April 2023.

Wild Birds Unlimited is a major sponsor of Project FeederWatch, and will again be sponsoring Birdspotter, the photo contest assoiciated with the project.  Guidelines for last year's contest, along with winning photos from previous years, can be found by clicking on the BirdSpotter logo at the above link.  Cornell is in the process of updating the website for this year's contest.