Try shopping for your wild bird food products at our online store, MyWBU.com/redondobeach.  Here you will find most of the foods, feeders and many other hobby-related items that we carry in the store.  Products can be ordered 24/7 for either "in-store" pickup or shipping.  Orders over $75 (before sales tax and after discounts) ship free via FedEx.  

Here are some helpful guidelines for you to follow to smooth out your shopping experience.

1.  FIRST-TIME USERS:  If you have an in-store account, and want to order from MyWBU, please call us first to verify that we have your current email listed on your account.  Your email is the link between the MyWBU store and your in-store account.  Allow overnight for your registration to link up with your account.

2.  REGISTRATION:  The first time on the site, you will be asked to register.  Two critical components of the registration are your email (see above) AND the credit card billing address.  We recommend that you have a copy of your credit card bill with you.  Enter the billing address exactly as it appears on the bill.  This helps to ensure that the bank will approve your payment through our secure site.

3. TIMING:  Due to high traffic loads to the site (and some issues with FedEx's system), we suggest you place on-line orders late in the afternoon or early evening (let the East Coast and Midwest folks go to sleep!).  There should be less traffic on the system.

4.  BIRD SEED BAG SIZES:  When ordering bird seed, please notice that there may be a gray button adjacent to the brightly colored button.  If you want one of the smaller size bags (typically 5-lb or 10-lb) just click on the appropriate button.  Most of the seed we carry is available on this site.  Products not available on the web may be ordered by phone.  See our Product Guide at redondobeach.wbu.com


  • If you have a gift card, enter the full number in the space provided
  • Be sure you indicate whether you want to pick up your order or have it shipped
  • Be sure to accept the terms and conditions
  • Enter your credit card number in the space provided (sorry, no American Express cards)

Thank you for using the MyWBU ordering site.  We look forward to serving you.  Please call us if you run into any issues.