Joy of Bird Feeding

Item BK-1
The Joy of Bird Feeding
This book is the "bible" for attracting and feeding birds in the back yard.  Written by Jim Carpenter, Founder and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited, the book covers all aspects of the hobby.  Hundreds of photographs covering 180 birds from across the nation.  A must-have for any bird feeding enthusiast. 
Available on-line also.  Curbside or shipping

Nat Geo 7th Edition

Item BK-2
National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Ed.
Complete coverage of all the birds of North America

Birds of SoCal

Item BK-3
Birds of Southern California
An extensive guide to the common and not-so-common birds
found in Southern California.  Text by Kimball garret and
John Dunn.  Photographs by Brian E. Small.


Stokes Guide-West

Item BK-4
Stokes Field Guide-Western U.S.
Covers birds in the western U.S.  Photographs,
excellent text and range maps.

Local Birds Foldout

Item BK-5
Local Birds-Los Angeles County-Foldout Guide

Bumble Bees of North America

Item BK-6
Bumble Bees of North America




Item BK-7
The Crossley ID Guide to the Raptors of North American
See detail to the right


Crossley's ID Guides have multiple images of the birds, perched and in-flight. Adults and juveniles are shown, and where appropriate, male and female.  What is unique is that in these 2-page spreads, the birds are shown close up and far away.  Text below the photos provide good guidance to identifying the birds.  And just as a tease, he often puts a ringer in.  Sometimes it's a similar species, other times it may be a bird that does not belong to the group!  Great books to have in the car when field birding.


Crossley Waterfowl ID Guide

Item BK-8
Crossley ID Guide to Waterfowl of North America
(See details above)
Stunning photographs of the waterfowl

Crossley Shorebirds

Item BK-9
The Shorebird Guide
First of the Crossley ID Guides.  Written with Mike O'Brien and Kevin Carlson.  Great guidance for identifying shorebirds in North America, especially in winter plummages!


Item BK-10
Sibley Birds West by David Sibley
Written and illustrated by David Sibley, considered one of the best field ornithologists and birders in North America.