Bird houses are used by cavity-nesting birds such as House and Bewick's Wrens and Western Bluebirds. Western Bluebirds have nested in the South Bay since 2003. Known Western Bluebird nesting locations include High Ridge Park, Mardona Marsh, Harbor Park, East View Park, Alondra Park, backyards in Hawthorne and Cerritos. The more bluebird boxes we put out, the more the birds are likely to find and use them.

We carry a selection of bluebird boxes that meet the specifications of the North American Bluebird Society including boxes made from wood and recycled plastic. We also have houses for wrens. For those who are interested in bats or owls, we can order houses for them as well.

Nesting material is also available in store year round. All natural cotton fiber balls and sheets make providing your birds with comfy nest liner super easy. It was once widely believed that putting out dryer lint was helpful to nesting birds, IT IS NOT! Dryer lint does not shed moisture and if used in a nest will effectively freeze any eggs laid inside. Here in the South Bay hummingbirds start nesting as early as November and our hanging natural cotton fiber balls are just what the females are looking for. 

All of the nesting boxes we carry are made in the U.S.A.