Birds Always Love Water!

Birds need water all year and sometimes fresh, clean water is hard for a bird to find. You can attract the greatest variety of birds to your yard by providing a source of water along with your feeders. Not all birds eat from your feeders, but all birds need water. Adding a water feature provides a key element in building your yard into a habitat birds will love!


Plastic Bird Baths & Stands

Our WBU plastic bird baths and their accessories offer you flexibility of where you place your bird bath in your outdoor space. Our plastic bird baths give you the option of putting a bird bath on your deck, in the garden, on your WBU Advanced Pole System® (APS) or all three places.

Bird Bath Dishes available in 14" & 20" diameter. Green, Clay & Sandstone colors or Black (metal).

Available freestanding, hanging, deck mount & Advanced Pole System compatible.




Other Bird Baths & Stands

 We carry a variety of beautiful glass, ceramic, resin and other bird bath dishes & stands of varying shapes and heights. Provides backyard birds ample space and depth for essential drinking and bathing water. The glass dishes are hand painted with detailed designs and vivid color.  These can be used as a bird bath outdoors in your garden with or without a stand, or as a decorative home decor piece indoors.

Bird baths come in varying heights and diameters.  Visit the store for current stock.

Birdbath Accessories:


Add a dripper/mister combo to delight your birds. Leave the tip in while you enjoy your morning coffee as hummingbirds bathe in the mist on the wing. Remove the tip and let water slowly drip into the bath during the day. The ripples created by the drip will help attract birds to add to your backyard show.  Comes with a "Y" manifold to hook to your hose bib, and 50 feet of tubing.

Water Wiggler

Moving water gets a bird’s attention. The Water Wiggler creates ripples in your bird bath, announcing the water’s presence, while also preventing mosquito larvae from coming to the surface to breathe. No plumbing is required, and since it runs on batteries, there’s no extra wiring.
Solar-powered model also available.

Bird Bath Clear

Our feathered friends are really quite delicate creatures and can be harmed easily by chemicals and even detergents. Not only is Microbe Lift Birdbath Clear safe for birds but small fish and frogs as well. Bird bath clear prevents organic contaminates from forming (crusty white scale deposits, iron. copper,  hard water stains). It uses two unique technologies: one helps prevent the buildup of stains and mineral deposits on the birdbath surface, the second uses bio-enzymatic activity to keep water clear and free from the organic debris that can make the water cloudy.
Also available: Fountain Clear & soy-based Bird Bath Cleaner.