An oasis among the concrete: A haven for birds & an escape for humans well worth protecting.

Habitat: Micro-forests, grasslands, open water, muddy shore.

Terrain: A level, packed dirt trail runs the perimeter of the marsh.

Facilities: Bathrooms available at Playa Vista Sports Park across PCH.

Parking: The most reliable/safest parking is at the Playa Vista Sports Park on PCH & Bluff Creek Dr. 

The fresh water marsh is a classic field of dreams—build it and they will come, and they did! Since opening over 250 species of birds have been seen at the marsh, and over 20 native species have bred. The vegetation has grown up rapidly, so sometimes views of the water can be difficult. There are enough viewing corridors so that you can see the ducks, grebes, geese, gulls and terns on the water. Least terns fish over the marsh in the late spring and summer. Tree swallows nest in the row of boxes along the southwest margin of the marsh; they fly in large numbers over the area looking for insects. Many species of flycatchers and songbirds, hummers, and shorebirds use the margin of the water and the foliage for roosting, feeding and nesting. Good almost any time of year, best in spring as the migrants come through.

Spend some time at the corner of Lincoln and Jefferson, looking into the reeds. Rails have been seen in this area. As you move south along Lincoln, good views of the water are available at several locations. At the far end of the walk along Lincoln is a pond that was opened in 2009. This shallow water area has attracted many shorebirds, including Black-necked Stilts and Snipe. It is definitely worth checking out!